Miniature X- Ray Source

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Mini-X2 X-Ray Tube System for XRF


New ! The Mini-X2 has replaced the Mini-X.

The Mini-X2 is a miniature X-ray tube system which includes the X-ray tube, the power supply, the control electronics, and the USB communications to the computer.   It is optimized for compact X-ray fluorescence (XRF) applications.   The Mini-X2 has been designed to simplify the XRF process by providing a grounded anode, USB control of current and voltage, a simple collimator mount, and ease of operation.

The Mini-X2 consists of two components: the Mini-X2 X-ray tube module and the Mini-X2 Controller.   The X-ray tube module includes the tube and high voltage power supply.   Several different options are available:   1) maximum power can be 4 W or 10W; 2) maximum HV can be 50 kV or 70 kV; and 3) the anode can be Ag, Au, Rh, or W.   The Controller includes the USB communications and software control.   It can be configured, via software, to support any of the X-ray tube modules.   A 10 pin flex cable connects the Controller and the X-ray tube module. Connections to the Controller are 12 VDC power, USB for command and control, and an AUX connector with a safety interlock and a driver for a warning light.

The Mini-X2 is a replacement for Amptek’s previous Mini-X product family.   The X-ray Tube Module is similar to the previous Mini-X-OEM.   The Controller has significantly improved control features, including software configurability and faster control and readback.   It utilizes a completely different software interface, based upon the FW6 protocol used with Amptek’s digital pulse processors.


  • 4 or 10 W Output Power

  • 10 to 50 kV or 35 to 70 kV

  • 5 to 200 µA (See isopower curves)

  • Ag, Rh, Au, or W Target

  • USB Controlled


  • X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF)

  • Portable and bench top instruments

  • Online processing

  • Teaching labs

Figure 1a. Mini-X2 Silver (Ag) X-Ray Output Spectrum at 50 kV.

Figure 1b. Mini-X2 Gold (Au) X-ray Output spectrum at 50 kV.

Output Spectrum with silver (Ag) target (left) and gold (Au) target (right).   These were measured using a 1 mm thick CdTe detector located 1 meter from the Mini-X2 with a 1 mm pinhole collimator (made from tungsten) in front of the detector.

The Mini-X2 is based on the Newton Scientific Inc. miniature X-ray source.

Configuration and Options-

Figure 2. Mini-X2 block diagram.

Mini-X2 X-ray Tube

Anode material:   The Mini-X2 X-ray Tube is available with one of four anode materials:   silver (Ag), gold (Au), rhodium (Rh), and tungsten (W).

Maximum Power:   The Mini-X2 X-ray Tube is available with maximum power of 4 W or 10 W.

Maximum HV:   Mini-X2 X-ray Tube is available with an HV range of either 10 to 50 kV or 35 to 70 kV.

  • Note that the mechanical dimensions depend on the HV and power options.

  • Note that the higher power and/or HV variants require more radiation shielding than the lower power and/or HV variants.

X-ray tube interface:   The Mini-X2 interfaces with X-ray tubes supplied by NSI (Newton Scientific).   Their standard tubes use an analog interface while their new UltraMini tubes use a digital (I2C) interface.   Both are supported by the Mini-X2 Controller.

Mini-X2 Controller

There is a single Mini-X2 Controller which interfaces with all the Mini-X2 X-ray Tube modules.   Each Controller is programmed, at Amptek, for a specific X-ray Tube module, with its P/N, S/N, maximum kV, maximum power, etc.   Amptek’s Firmware Manager software can be used to reconfigure the Controller for a different tube.

Amptek’s standard Mini-X2 Controller supports only USB communication and only the standard X-ray tubes.   Contact Amptek for Controllers which interface with the UltraMini and/or which support an RS232 interface.