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祝贺龚林吉同学在Journal of Materials Chemistry B 发表综述论文

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Title: Two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenide nanomaterials for combination cancer therapy

Abstract: As demonstrated bypreclinical and clinical studies, it is often difficult to eradicate tumors,particularly those that are deep-located, with photothermal therapy (PTT) alonebecause of the intrinsic drawbacks of optical therapy. To increase thetherapeutic effect of PTT and reduce its significant side-effects, a new directioninvolving the combination of PTT with other therapeutic techniques is highlydesirable. Recently, two-dimensional (2D) transition metal dichalcogenides(TMDCs), the typical ultrathin 2D layer nanomaterials, have gained tremendousinterest in many different fields including biomedicine, due to their novelphysicochemical properties. Benefitting from their intrinsic near-infraredabsorbance properties and extremely large specific surface areas, many effortsare being devoted to fabricating 2D TMDC-based multifunctional nanoplatformsfor combining PTT with other therapeutics in order to realize 2D TMDC assisted combinationtherapy and thus achieve excellent anti-tumor therapeutic efficacy. Inaddition, various inorganic nanoparticles and fluorescent probes can beattached to the surface of 2D TMDCs to obtain nanocomposites with versatileoptical and/or magnetic properties that are useful for multi-modal imaging andimaging-guided cancer therapy. In this review, we mainly summarize the latestadvances in the utilization of 2D TMDCs for PTT combination cancer therapy,including PTT/photodynamic therapy, PTT/chemotherapy, PTT/radiotherapy,PTT/gene therapy, and imaging-guided cancer combination therapy, as well as theevaluation of their behaviors and toxicology both in vitro and in vivo. Furthermore, we address the principle for the design of 2D TMDC-assistedphotothermal combination theranostics and the future prospects and challengesof using 2D TMDC-based nanomaterials for theranostic applications.

Citation: Gong Linji#, Yan Liang, Zhou Ruyi, Xie Jiani, Wu Wei, Gu Zhanjun*. Two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenide nanomaterials for combination cancer therapy. Journal of Materials Chemistry B. 2017;5:1873-1895. DOI: 10.1039/c7tb00195a

Acknowledgments: This work was supported by the National Basic Research Programs of China (2016YFA0201600,2016YFA0202104 and 2015CB932104), National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.31571015, 11621505, 11435002 and 21320102003) and Youth Innovation Promotion Association CAS (2013007).